#01 Dragon swimming in the Internet.


Iwate Prefecture in Japan had a festival called “The Morioka Funekko-nagashi Festival”.

Morioka Funekko-nagashi Official Web Site


Every year at the festival, Dragon shaped ship flow in the river.Dragon shaped ship has no name or body yet.

One day, a dragon swimming on the Internet appeared.

And . . Dragon started the Twitter.





First week Dragon swimming in the Internet.

first day

He can only swim the Internet.At first he started searching for a background.




The background is decided

Swim the Internet, The dragon met a wonderful sight where flowers bloom in the sky.

The dragon who knew this was fireworks hoped that one day I would like to see fireworks.

And of course the background was decided to be fireworks.

盛岡 舟っこ流し 2012 (花火) / 岩手県盛岡市




He met Mr.Goog and began to speak English.

One day, Doragon met Mr.Google, who knew everything.Doragon talked with him all day and became a friend.

Dragon decided to have him who speaks a foreign language teach English.




He learned ”#” for the first time.

The wish is to look at the fireworks.Do your wishes come true? He was glad to remember “#”.




He learned wrong ”#”.

He used the wrong “#” for learning.But it is a new “#” art.




The world is wide , But close.

He spread the world through the Internet.However, Dragon thought the world was near.

Because the dragon can see the world very easily.

Second week What is the reason for being born?




Role of each

One day, Dragon asked why Mr.Goog knew everything.

Organize information from around the world.Accessible by people all over the world.Make it available to people around the world.

Knowing why Mr.Goog was born, He wanted to know why Dragon was born.

He asked why he was born, but Mr.Google didn’t tell me.

So the dragon decided to look for it alone.

Dragon fountain

The dragon who began searching for himself began searching for the name of the dragon.

Then the dragon found the fountain of dragons.


Huge dragon eyes

Dragon went on traveling to find himself.

Then the dragon found the dragon’s big eyes this time.

ついに開眼!!八幡平ドラゴンアイ ( Hachimantai Dragon Eye )【2019年6月7日撮影】

The result of my destiny

Dragon understood why Mr.Goog did not say.Because he knew that the dragon was destined to burn.






Third week What can I do?




Is not a festival?

It is not “festival” but “event” that dragons participate in. And, He is assigned an important job.




Japanese red loincloth.  FUNDOSHI

The dragons are very colorful. And it is carried by a brave man. To a man with a red loincloth.

What is “FNDOSHIF”?⬇️

『Experience the FUNDOSHI』訪日観光客に向けたふんどしPRムービー




Light flowing through the river

At the event, a small lantern flows in the river.

2016盛岡舟っこ流し ~灯籠流し~




Throw fire to the sky

There is an event to throw a torchi.




Stylish fireworks

Fireworks are the main event of “Funekko-nagashi”. Fireworks are held in the city. it is a great fashionable fireworks.

The capital of Iwate Prefecture is Morioka City.

Morioka Station, which is the starting point of Morioka’s traffic, and the place where the fireworks display will be held are as follows.




After all the festival

It was said that it was an event, but it is a festival.




His dream does not come true

His dream is to watch fireworks. But, If you see the schedule, He will burned before looking at the fireworks.

What can he do on that?




4th week I want to do it, I can do it, I should do it.




Fantastic parade of fire

He saw “festival impressions” written by foreign students from abroad. From overseas, I felt this festival was very attractive.

You can enjoy the Japanese culture at a time with “gen spirit sinking”, “lampon sinking”, “lighting of pines” and “fireworks” at the festival.




Japan’s Festival Ranking from the perspective of foreigners

Dragon has become interested in what kind of festivals there are in Japan.

He felt that it was possible to increase the number of fans both at home and abroad, even at festivals in the Tohoku region.He thought he could still do it.




Problems of the local festival

My ship costs money every year.

There is a possibility that money will be lost and finally the festival will be lost. I have to do something!




Solve festival problems with ideas

Many of the Japanese festivals are volunteers.

We are planning a festival with children, adults, grandpa and grandma. There are not enough people or funds due to lack of labor.

But with so many people coming, we never stop the festival.

So solve the festival problem with ideas.




Problems of the local festival

The dragon is fond of King Kong, who was taught by Mr. Goog before.

One day, Dragon encountered a Japanese King Kong book and read the book.

“Change from money economy to credit economy.”

I can not raise festival hands or funds.

I think it is possible to raise credit. 




Tanabata’s wish

The dragon had a wish on the day of Tanabata.




To be continued…




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